About the Santas

Santa to Life

One-of-a-kind Christmas creations by Linda Jeanes include the classic old world Santa himself, primarily displayed in a number of seasonal settings and with antique/collectible accessories. Linda has also been commissioned to make Wise Men, Holy Family displays, Elves, and Mrs. Claus. Building on a longtime love for art and interior design, Linda has dedicated the past 19 years to refining her creative talent, art experience, and design skills. Her style and technique have evolved with business success and repeat sales from faithful collectors.

Each Santa is constructed with a full body made of a wooden frame and high tensile strength wire. After completion of a sturdy framework, the body is padded and shaped with batting and covered with cotton fabric. The body is then draped with carefully selected fabrics and trims to achieve the desired look, which may include a mix of vintage fur or faux fur according to customer preference. All clothing is hand sewn, and extensive accessories (including toys and floral designs) are added to each Santa to create a festive display. At this point, the head and hands (unless mittens are used) are hand sculpted with polymer clay. Glass blown eyes are used for a realistic look, and the sculpted pieces are shaded with paints to achieve natural coloring. Wool beards are meticulously attached and groomed. Hats to adorn Santa are designed to complement the overall appearance, and sometimes no hat or an attached hood best fits the display. Accessories are final check points to insure that all details are in place.

Linda believes that she is truly blessed with an exciting business that allows her to enjoy her work and be a small part of her customers’ Christmas celebrations. Linda’s talent has been recognized by many collectors at home and across the country. Starting with local group venues, Linda now concentrates on private treaty sales, special orders (including life-size Santas), and popular Houston area Christmas shows.